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Meet CanyB

Cany Bugler commenced her tourism career as an adventure travel entrepreneur and pioneer in 1988.    With a vision to start one of the first woman owned, South African based Overland Safari companies, Cany and partner Rob, set about doing just that.  It was massively successful and the yellow trucks are legendary in Southern and East Africa.

Moving on from that, Cany spent two years in East Africa, starting and fine tuning two businesses, also in the overland adventure industry.  Eventually the South African roots won against East Africa.  As much as it was a magical time and a massive learning experience in a different part of the continent, Cape Town called.

At that stage she took up with another venture, Tri Active Events Management, with her partner.  This started from incubation right through to a thriving and well known events company in Southern Africa.  The sheer lack of fear to take anything on and the challenge is what drives Cany.  There is never a job too big or too small.  Each receives meticulous and detailed attention.  Sixteen years later, a three star, 24 room lodge and a thriving business, takes us to 2020 when COVID-19 hit.

The gap in operation due to forced closure of all tourism businesses during this period, gave birth to CanyB Global Events as a new and upcoming business where she immerses herself and her expertise into your project, gives you valuable and insightful input and carries out operations in a slick and polished manner.

To have a travel guru at your side when you are planning incentive travel, an event, a special occasion, a conference, a journey, a personal trip, some team building or a wild adventure, is one of the most valuable services that CanyB Global Events will offer you.